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We make, according to old tradition, handiwork fences with gates and roofed portals. With tree trunks from Jämtland we build and place your fence. An authentic and unique product from the Swedish forests: often 100 year-old trees that are slow grown. We pride ourselves also on the fact that we have clients all over the world, and that wherever we are we employ the same amount of passion for our craftmanship. We like to offer you a customer specified total solution.

Långgärdsgård och faluröd stuga


The Långgärdsgård is a traditional type of fence, meadows are often surrounded by this type of fence. There is approximately 100 cm between the vertical poles. Each beam is supported by 7 to 8 vertical poles. The beams overlap each other. They are put alternately with the end up and the end down. The tapering beams meat each other in the middle.



The model Jämtgård is a stylish basic model fence, which often can be found in the Swedish province Jämtland, where you can easily find the real strong and compact high quality tree trunks. This elegant fence has an approximate distance of 80 cm. between the vertical poles. Every beam is supported by 7 or 8 vertical poles.



The model Leksand with double beams can often be seen in the Swedish province Dalarna. Leksand has approximately 80 cm between the vertical poles. The paired beams are supported by the vertical poles.



The model Roslagsgärdsgård has split beams and is often used in the regions Roslagen, Härjedalen and in regions with slightly coarser vegetation, in the mountains and in de archipelago. The thicker beams are split in half. The space between the vertical poles is approximately 100 cm. The beams are supported by 8 - 9 vertical poles.

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If you choose a fence without bark, which means that the bark is scraped off: when placed the beams at first will be very light-coloured, but with time they’ll become nice silvery grey by the elements. Other possible design choices are coloured fences. 

Read more about handicraft & the material.


We can send you references, documentation and the characteristics of the fence. A maintenance-agreement with us offers replacement of broken poles, the straightening of oblique dropped fences and the smooth hinging of gates.